Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Trick To Create Invisible Folder In Windows

If you have some private data on your desktop folder and you want to make the name of folder invisible to other person, then you can use this new PC trick. Windows 7 and vista allows you to create an invisible folder without any logo and name.There is no need to use any external software for this new trick. This new PC trick is so simple and easy to perform.
During this tutorial we first protect our data by placing it in an invisible folder and then hiding it so that no one else can open that folder.So by using this new trick you can provide two level of security.
How to perform this trick :

1.First of all , Click on Start Button in task bar of your pc .

2.Then Search For Character Map in the SEARCH BOX .

3.Open character Map and click on the blank Coloumn as shown in screen shot below :

4.Now Click on Select Button and then on Copy Button.

5.Then you have copied a blank Space .

6.After this Create a New folder on desktop and Rename the folder and press Ctrl+V keys from keyboard.

By this time you have created a folder without any name. Now we have to create a folder without any Logo.For performing this action we have to do the following step ,which is given below :

New Trick To Create An Invisible Folder In windows :

1.Right click on the folder that you have created without name in the previous step.

2.Click on Properties>>Customize>>Change Icon

3.Now you will get a pop-up windows with various icon as shown below. Select the blank Icon.

4. Then Press Ok.

By this time you have created an Invisible folder with no logo and no name .
Move all of your private data in this invisible folder and make it more secure.
Now your all private data is in the invisible folder and no one can open it without your permission.Use this New PC trick and secure your private data from other user.


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