Thursday, March 24, 2011

How To Display Shut Down Menu In Window When Power Button Press

By default, your Windows XP will shut down when the Power button is pressed off. I have a new window trick to change it so that the shutdown menu is opened instead it get turn off automatically.
This window trick is so easy to perform. The steps of this new trick given below:
1).First of all, Go to your Windows XP’s desktop and with the help of mouse do the right-click.
2).Select “Properties” option.
3).The Display Properties window will appear.
4).Open the “Screen Saver” tab and look for the “Power” button near the bottom of the window.
5). Click on the POWER button as shown below in screen shot:

6).After this the “Power Options Properties” window will open.
7).Choose the “Advanced” tab.
8).The dialog box is open in the “Power Buttons” section, and you have Choose what you want Windows to do when the power button is pressed.
9).Choose the “Ask me what to do” option.

10).Click “OK” and restart your computer. From now on, pressing the power button off your PC will open the shutdown menu, letting you decide what you want to do.
That’s all about this new window trick. Apply this window trick on your PC and make it more safe.


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