Saturday, August 27, 2011

Crack(Bypass) PayPal Payment Step And Get Free Stuff Online

With the help of this web trick you are able to bypass or crack paypal payment step. For this web trick you have to use a small piece of Java Script to crack paypal. When you just insert this Java script in the address bar when you reach to the payment step,it directly take you to the download link. So this web trick is only apply on the web site which provide paid download. So hurry use this java script and get free download online by cracking paypal payment step.

Before doing this web trick ,lets understand how the paypal money transfer process takes palce:

PayPal is a service that allows you to pay your payments through internet as well as money transfers facility through the Internet.  When we pay a web site through paypal by clicking on "PAY NOW" button,  as the payment get transfer to the account of the Owner they will redirect you to the secrete download page. Remember this download page is secret, but anyone who knows the URL of this page can access it. By using this javascript we can escape the payment step and get the secret page of download
Now this pc trick works only for the of download pages, i.e. for websites using Paypal’s “Pay Now” button for download only.below is the piece of code:


Use this Above Java script to perform this pc trick and enjoy  paid stuff absolutely free without paying zero money.Please place your comment about this pc trick. You have to place this Java Script in the Address bar when you reach to the Pay NOW step and just to click Enter to crack payapal.


That a really owesome trick dude...Thanks for posting it....Keep it up...

Oh.Now i am enjoying free download.....Thanks for posting such type of post...i am going to bookmark this site...

I lovwe this java script...Thanks for this information and for the javascript

where i ad this script please help me. It is not working 4 me.

You have to copy and paste the script in the address bar when you reach to the payment step during your download...

i love dis site not only 4 gr8 tricks but for d advantage dat i can access full content with pic without a jizz frm mobile.... I Will definitely try when frm Pc... Lov u but is it really workin...

Regards: Harshit

Grate one trick. I love to use this one for my downloading.Publish such type of more articles.

Keep posting such type of valuable content..

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