Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Web Trick To Tracing In YAHOO While Chatting

Today I am going to give you a new PC Trick with the help of which you are able to track the person with which you chatting is from which place and country. This Web trick is very useful when there are many unknown friends in your mail list and you come to know that one of them is fake or giving wrong contact information then with this PC Trick you are able to track that person so easily. This web trick is so easy to perform and you can apply this one pc trick with in 5 minute. So follow the following steps for this PC tricks.

1).For this web trick you have to open the link given below:

2).The next step that you have to perform for this PC trick is type your email id on the text box given in it.

3).Open your yahoo id u will get a mail regarding this web trick that you applied to track the person……

4).While chatting in yahoo send this link  “ “  to the target and allow them to click it.

5).When the target person click on the link the PERSON TRACKED by this pc trick…u will get mail regarding country ,city,latitude longtidue, IP ADDRESS,about his system. That’s all about this web trick. Click To get  MOBILE TRICKS  And GPRS TRICKS.


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