Wednesday, August 24, 2011

PC Trick To Crack Copy Protection of any web page( Enable Right Click Option)

There are several of web sites that turn off the ability of right-click on their pages.  Web administrators are using this to protecting their web pages from unauthorized copying. This one pc trick is very common in past, but still there are lots of sites using this pc trick  to protect copying there content by others.

 For this PC Trick we have to use simple JavaScript to enable the ability of right-clicking on any web pages to copy the data. Here I’m going to show you a very simple way to turn this function ON by this pc tricks.
Whenever you visiting offending website type the code in red below in the browser URL bar, with the most cases this pc trick will work perfectly and enable you to right click on any web page and do what ever you want by applying this pc trick.


Just paste the above code into the address bar and you are able to copy the data from the protected site.
This PC trick is just a simple java script trick. Copy the code given in red line and paste it in the address bar thats all about this pc trick.


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