Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Web Trick To Gives Every Time New Mail ID To Your Friends

This one PC Trick is very interesting to perform on your Friends as well as on your  girlfriend to show that how much you loves them. Want to learn how? Then learn this PC Trick and I am sure that you are able to perform this web trick with ease.
So, the web trick goes like this, say you have a email id
If your Friends wants to send you a mail then they will send it at this email address and with this PC Trick you make this more interesting and funny.

Now, Let takes an example to understand this pc trick, assume that  you have three friends ,there may be many, just talk about three in this example .

If you want to give your friends a unique email id then you can gives the following to them.

For Johan It could be ""

For Marry It could be ""

For Smith It could be ""

So, its simple you could add anything after the initial mail by adding a "+" sign.

As all these Email Addresses,, & are the same as

If you have a girlfriend then impress her that how much you love her by showing her name with your mail id.
So I hope all my readers will like this one PC Tricks. Apply this web trick on your mail account and show your friends that how much you love them. ENJOY…
Note: This web trick  only works when you are sending mails, Not for logging into your account.


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