Monday, July 25, 2011

Shutdown PC In 1 Min By Creating A Shortcut By Using This PC Trick

This PC Trick is about how to shut down your PC with in a Minute by using Shortcut on your desktop. Shutting Down PC is quite a painful and time consuming task sometimes. By this Sensational PC trick you can create a shutdown button on your Desktop and Shut Down your PC with in a minute.After applying this PC Tricks you have  Shutdown button on your desktop that allows you to either restart or shut down your PC from a shotcut on your desktop.
Here's the PC Trick :Follow the following 3 steps to perform this PC Tricks.

1).Right click on the Desktop. Go to NEW then choose SHORTCUT. As shown in the screen shot below.
2).After performing the first step of this PC Trick, a wizard will appear. In the
Type the location of the item: In the Textbox enter the following code
%windir%\System32\shutdown.exe -s
After entering the code click Next. As shown in the screen shot of this PC Trick below.

 3).In the Type a name for this shortcut option enter the following text.
Shutdown My Computer (or some other name of your choice)As shown below.
Click the Finish button.

Now you are done with this PC tricks. I hope that all my readers understand this PC Trick with ease. So go ahead and apply this PC trick on your computer. Whenever you wish to shutdown your PC, double click on the shortcut you just created by this PC Trick. For more exiting and interesting Tricks and tips continue visits on our site. 


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