Thursday, July 28, 2011

PC Trick On How To Block A Website

Today i am going to gives you new one pc tricks with the help of which you can easily block any site.This PC trick is very helpfull to the  parents as well as for the institutes so that  they can block access to certain websites on their computer or computer network so that the children and the student can’t get to them from internet.

Have you even been in a situation when you have to block certain websites from your computer for any reason? If yes then go through this pc trick or web trick .Well, I am not sure about any body else but certainly I have been many times in such situation and i block such website with the help of this pc trick.

You can just block the websites you don’t want them to visit. In just 3 simple steps of this web trick.You can block as many as website with this pc trick.There is no need to download any software for this pc trick, you have to just follow the following steps of this pc trick.

Step 1.

First of all Click on START à RUN. Then you have to Type the following code.
C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts     and click on OK
Step 2.
After this a small window will open consistiong of different option inwhich you have to choose NOTEPAD and click on OPEN. Also shown below in the screen shot of this pc trick.

Step 3
A notepad will pop up. Find the line where it says “ localhost

Step 4
Immediately under the “ localhost“, enter the website you want to block by using the format “”. For example, you want to block Google from being accessed then type :

You can block as many websites as you want by this pc trick, just make sure you only enter one URL per line.Thats all about this web trick.So apply the restriction to particular website so that no one can not access them on your computer by this PC tricks.

Note : Now the next trick is to hoe to unblock the blocked websites that you blocked during this pc tricks.This one pc tricks is very easy to perform, in this trick you have  to  just simply remove the line that you enter in this pc trick. And you have done with this 2nd  pc trick.


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