Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lock Your Microsoft Word Documents

After reading this PC Tricks you are able to lock your secret document which you do not want to share with another one. All of us create our document in Microsoft Word, and sometimes we do not want other people to access our documents, especially when you are on a shared computer in your company. This can be done by locking your word document.

To lock your document just do the following steps::

1). Open the document and click on the Microsoft Office Button present on the top left corner of the window.

2). Now Click on the Save As option, now a new window will pop up.

3). Click on Tools option at the bottom of the window.

4). Then click on the “General Option” as shown below in the screen shot.
5). After this a new pop up windows get opens. Now you will have two options, you can select either one or both options as shown in screen shot.
                             a).One is Password To Open it will ask for the password every time the document is opened.
So to view the document you have to enter the password first.
                              b).Second is Password To Modify it will ask for the password every time somebody tries to modify the document.

Now you locked your Word secrete document with your password. No one can not open it or modify it without your permission.


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