Friday, February 3, 2012


Now facebook is one of the most popular social networking web site. Millions of users using facebook on daily bases to connect with friends. Now in this post of facebook tricks I am going to share some trick to do when you hit by a facebook SPAM.

1. Report as spam

This is the first precautionary step. Immideatley report the spam to facebook( dont click on delete). Reporting as spam automatically hides the link from your feed so dont take the risk of deleting it.

2. Disable the installed plugin

The recent spam asks you to install a missing plugin. So in case you have installed it, act fast to remove it. If you are using firefox then go to Firefox > Add-ons > Extensions . Here you will find the malicious plugin. Click on Remove to get rid of it.
For Crome users, click on the small Wrench(Rinch) icon at the right corner of the browser, then click on options and move to Extensions. Disable and remove the plugin from there.

3. Switch to Https

Immideately switch to https version of facebook if you still haven't. This will prevent any kind of session hijacking and will prevent the http cookies created by the spam in your system to re-post the link on the profile.

4. Clear Cookies, Browsing history and Browser cache

The spam creates lots of fake facebook http cookies on your system which can re-post the spam links on your profile and can redirect you to other links as well. So it is highly recommended that you delete all the browser cookies. Clearing history can also help in cases where you may again accidently click the link.
You can go to Browser options to clear the cookies, history etc.

5. Change the password

Last but not the least. Change the facebook password. Your facebook account is precious to you so why to take the risk. So change your password after some time period.



I will use all these things to save myself from SPAM..Because i already hited by SPAM so many time..

Keep posting such type of valuable content..

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