Thursday, February 2, 2012

Web Trick To Recover Your File From MegaUpload

We all made our account on various file sharing website such as Mega-upload, Mediafire,4shared and many others. We all made our account on these websites to upload our files on them and make a backup for our  files online. Mega-upload was one of the most popular file sharing website which is currently shut down by FBI because this organization appeared to violating copyright laws. 
The massage which comes on Mega-upload website when you open it in your browser is shown below in screen shot:

When we are uploading our files on the file sharing website due to the popularity on the website it also get shared on multiple file sharing website. Now the Mega upload is  not working and you want to recover your file then you can do it by follow the following steps of this web trick:

 Web Trick to Recover The File From Megaupload::

 1. To recover your files you must know the exact file name and file size or the url link of your file.

1.       2. If you know the Direct url link of your file then you can simply search it on Google.
2.       3. Now at the top result in the Google you will saw the file descripation,file name and file size. As shown below in screen shot::

1.       3. Copey the file Name and search it again in the Google.

2.       4. Now I found the file on Rapid Library server for which I am looking.As shown below:

That’s it now you have recovered your file after downloading it.So simple to perform this one web trick.


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