Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Clean Your RAM By Using This PC Tricks

Nice one PC Trick to clean up your RAM for high processing speed. For performing this PC trick there is no need of any software.This PC Tricks is easily performed by using NOTEPAD.The PC Trick has the following steps:
1).First of all for this pc tricks create a new text file on ur desktop and Name it as "RAMcleaner" or something else.
2).Now the next step for this pc tricks is to Type the following lines in the text document.


Then save it as RAMcleaner.vbs [ You may choose the "All Files" option when you save it ]
3).Now you will saw a new exicutable file on the screen named as RAMCleaner.For this PC trick to perform run the file and your RAM gets cleaned up.

One more thing i want to interduce in this pc tricks is that you can edit the code in the file for a greater  cleaning-progress. For example : FreeMem=Space(1280000000).

Thats all about this pc trick.For more PC Tricks continously visit on this site.


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