Monday, June 27, 2011

Windows Trick To Add Multiple Columns For the Start Menu

Today i am going to give you new windows tricks with the help of which you can add multiple columns for START Menu. For this windows trick you have to edit the registry setting of PC.  This windows trick makes Windows to use multiple Start Menu Columns instead of a single
scrolling column, like Windows 9x had, Also if you are using Classic Mode in XP.So here the PC tricks for this windows tricks.You have to follow the following steps very carefully and if you not get the step properly then saw the screen shot. I have made every screen shot for this PC tricks so that you can get it easy and perform this windows trick easily.

1.First of all for this windows tricks click on the START and select RUN option
 2. Now open your RegEdit.For this you have to type “RegEdit” in the RUN.
3. Go to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ Software\ Microsoft as shown below in screen shot.

4.Then in Microsoft you have to choose the followin option Windows\ Current Version\
Explorer\ Advanced as shown below.

5.Now for this windows tricks you have to create a string value named as "StartMenuScrollPrograms" by right click on the right plane as display in the screen shot of this windows tricks.

6. Right click on the new string value and select modify as shown below.

7. Set the value to "FALSE" as shown below.

Thats all about this PC tricks ,now you will get the multiple column for START menu as in Windows 9X. For more interesting PC tricks and Facebook tricks continue visit on our site.


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