Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PC Trick To Obtain An E-mail Address password

There are many PC tricks to get passwords of an email, but few of them pc tricks work properly, this is one of the PC trick that work. So you have to do the following steps to perform this PC trick:
1).First of all for this PC tricks you have to open any email account.
2).Then you have to compose an email and Send an e-mail to the address “”
3).Now in the subject option, type: membrstff455677
4).Now the last step for this pc tricks is, In the actual e-mail part, copy and paste the following code:

<"pwd sys rtrv" Member_" Your e-mail address here "
pwd_" Your e-mail address password "
VictimAdrss_"Victim's e-mail address here ">

Make sure for this pc trick you put the this symbol “< >” , as this is very important.  It fools the system acting as a command line and will send the information back to you saying there is an error, but also sends you the information. Then click send, and it should be sent you back an email within 24 hours.Thats all about this pc trick.


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