Friday, October 14, 2011

21 Computer Tips For Increasing XP Performance

Today in this post of windows tricks I am going to gives you 21 tricks to increases your windows xp performance.

1). For the higher performance on windows xp your PC must have the following configuration 256MB RAM, 512 MB Cache , Intel Pentium 4 Processor, 40 GB HDD. These are the minimum requirements for the windows xp.

2). If you see a 'virtual memory low' message then increase its virtual memory. To increase virtual memory follow the following step of this pc trick.

**Go to My Computer->Properties->Advanced->Performance Settings->Advanced->Virtual Memory->Change->Select the appropriate drive->Custom size->set appropriate level(our it is 600(min.) & 700(max.)->Ok.

3). Increase 'Visual Performance'.To do so follow the following step of this pc trick step:

**Go to My Computer->Properties->Advanced->Performance Settings->Visual Settings->Custom->Select only the following options.
a). Slide taskbar buttons.
b). Smooth edges of screen fonts.
c). Smooth-scroll list boxes.
d). Use a background image for each folder type.
e). Use visual style on windows and buttons.

4). Don't keep unwanted/extra fonts. To remove extra fonts from your computer do the following step:

**Go to Start->Settings->Control Panel->Fonts.

5). Your Desktop Wallpaper & Screensaver consume a large amount of disk space. Select the 'None' option for both wallpapers & Screensavers.

6). Avoid keeping DEMO Games.

7). Uninstall the unwanted Software’s from your computer.

8). Use Registry Cleaner to keep your registry clean(without errors).

9). Try to keep Music and pictures files in the folder specified by windows itself.

10).Use Hybernating Option for Quick windows start. To active Hybernating follow the following steps of this windows tricks.

**Desktop->Properties->Screensaver->Power->Hybernating->Enable Hybernating->Ok.

11). Keep your Desktops clean remove an unwanted icons.

12).Use Intel Application Accelerator to speed up your disk access.

13). Memory management (at least 512MB RAM Required). This allows XP to keep data in Memory instead of paging section of RAM. Do the following steps of this windows xp tricks:

**Go to->Start->Run->regedit->HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SYSTEM->CurrentControlSet->Control->Session Manager->Memory Management->Double click it->DisablePageingExecutive->Double Clik it->Set value to 1.

14). Disable Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, and other unwanted programs from startup. (You can use registry editior to do this.). Because they do not appear in normal Startup Option.

15). Disable indexing files service (only if you do not use search option regularly). To do this follow the following steps of this windows tricks.

**Go to My Computer->Select the drive for which you want to disable the indexing service->Properties->Unselect 'Allow Indexing Service'->Ok.

16). For Windows XP, You must use NTFS partition. FAT partition is less supportive for Windows XP.

17). In BIOS, Select first booting device as your HDD.

18). Setting Priority High for a particular program. Do the following steps to perform this windows tips:

**Open Task Manager->Processes->Select the desired Program->Right Click->Set Priority->High->Ok.
This Priority set if for current session. Once you restart your system then its priority will again be Normal.

19) Keep deleting your Temporary Internet Files in regular intervals.

**Go to Windows Drive (c: or d:)->Select the User->Local Settings->Temporary Internet Files

20). Empty your browser's cache in regular intervals.

21). Avoid keeping Movies in your PC.
Apply all these PC Tricks on your computer and saw the difference with your own eyes.


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