Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How To Close Non-responsive Programs By This PC Trick

 Today I am going to share with you all a new pc trick to close a program automatically which is not responding. Many time my PC get hanged because some of my program not responding properly and then I have to turn off my computer. This will cause disturbance in the work. If your PC have the same problem then you can use this computer trick to get rid of this.
With a small registry tweak, Windows XP can be set to automatically close any program that 'stops responding' (crashes), eliminating the need for you to use the task manager to close down the offending software manually.

What you have to perform this pc trick:
1).Go to RUN and double click on it.
2).The you have to write REGEDIT in it.
3). Now your registry editor will open, Now double click  on HKEY_CURRENT_USER then choose CONTROL PANEL option after this choose  DESKTOP option as shown below in the screen shot os this pc trick.

4).Modify the REG_SZ entry AutoEndTasks with a value of 1.

That’s all . You have done with this pc trick. Try it and close non responsive program automatically.


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