Thursday, October 6, 2011

How To Recover Deleted My Document Folder

In my PC Tricks collection the previous pc trick was on “how to create a virus” that delete your My Document Folder. Then one of my reader ask me a question that “how to recover back the deleted Foder”.

After this i do some research work and then I decide to give a new PC trick on “ how to recover the Deleted My Document Folder”.

As you all well know that we can recover our deleted folder using various recovery software but this time for this pc trick there is no need to to download any software. With this pc trick you can recover your folder.

The PC Trick has the following step to Restore deleted documents :

1) Open Windows Explorer
2) Expand the 'Libraries' folder.
3) Expand the 'Documents' folder.
4) Right click on 'My Documents'
5) In the drop down list click on 'Restore previous version'.
6) Double click on the each of the 'Date modified' entries, if your document is listed then click 'Copy' and 'Paste' it back to the 'Documents' folder.

Note: If you choose ‘Copy’ option, the entire contents of the folder as it was at that point in time can be copied to another local folder or to a location on an external USB drive.
You can also ‘Copy’ a single file from the Shadow Copy backup and ‘Paste’ it back to it original location.


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