Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Essential Gmail New Tricks

Here I am going to give you the essential new web trick for your Gmail account. If you just fed up from the lots of advertisement on your Gmail account and want to remove ads in Gmail account then follow the new web trick given below:


By default, Google's webmail displays advertisements. Sometime, you are not able to read your personal e-mails when an advertisement Popup in front of your mail. So I have a new trick to solve this problem.
You can remove them by going to the>>” Settings tab” then extracts the web. There, you have to uncheck or unmarked the” Show my web clips above the Inbox”.


Some time when you are sending a mail and certainly ,you want to cancel it but it is not possible for you to cancel it. Now I will give you a web trick to cancel the email quickly when you are sending it.
You simply activate the Cancel sending in the Labs of Gmail. So you'll have a few seconds after sending your e-mail to cancel the shipment, a few seconds but no more.


Save time by activating the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail. Once you discover keyboard shortcuts, you can simply do without it.
You can activate the tab General of settings, but also enable the customization of keyboard shortcuts in Labs. Once this option enabled, you can customize the tab for keyboard shortcuts in your freshly emerged settings.

Step 4:

Manage your tasks in Gmail. It has been slow to arrive but its inclusion is rather satisfactory. Write down your tasks in this small area, turn emails into tasks, sort them by priority ... learn how to manage its tasks in Gmail.


Quickly find recent conversations with your contacts. Rather than go get lost in the intricacies of your conversation tool right inside Gmail, this is a very quick way to view these digital exchanges. Simply however the name of a contact from an email sent or received. In the tooltip that appears, click the option more.


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