Friday, April 29, 2011

PC Trick To SpeedUp RAM By Using Pendrive

Is your computer RAM is less? Is your PC work slow? Then you think about buying new RAM forgets about buying new Ram. I have a PC Trick to solve your problem in just a two minute. You can use your pen drive as a RAM to increase your PC speed. Do you want to use your pen drive as RAM? If yes then here is a pc trick for you.
PC Tricks For Using Your Pendrive As RAM.

For this PC trick you need to use your Pendrive. The pendrive may be of any size. This pc trick is so small and easier to perform.
Connect Pendrive into your computer.

Now do the following things step by step as given below for this pc trick:

1. First of all Right click on “My Computer”,Now choose “Properties” option.
2. Now click on “Advanced” button. Now choose “Performance”.
3. Now in this window you have to click on “Advanced”
4. click on the “Change” button.
5. Now select your Pendrive and choose the option “Custom size”.
6. View the memory available in your pendrive & write in the “Initial size” & “Maximum size”
7. Finally click “OK” and your pc trick is complete.

Now, you will find your computer running more faster than before by using this pc trick. After applying this PC trick your RAM size also get increased.


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