Thursday, April 28, 2011

Visit Password Protected Website UsingThis PC Trick

Sometime you are looking for some content on the internet then you use Google search engine, in which you search for your content. After this google display the various pages regarding your searched content. Then you open a web page for the content you want. In some site you have to register to view content, but who likes doing that?So I am in this pc trick post going to give you a web trick with the help of this pc trick you are able to view the content of web site without registering.
With this pc trick you are able to save your time and email account from spam – pretending to be Googlebot. Googlebot is Google’s “spider” that crawls sites and indexes them for Google’s search results. The owner of a password protected site also wants their site to be on Google, so they make a separate account on their site for Googlebot.
We can use this small security hole and visit a website pretending to be Googlebot. With this way you are automatically logged into the site or forum and don’t need to enter any password or login info. This pc trick has the following steps:

Step 1. First of all before using this pc trick you have to get Firefox! Download Firefox and install into your system.

Step 2. Now for this pc trick you have to download User Agent Switcher plugin for Firefox.

Step 3. Restart Firefox to complete the installation and go to Tools on the Menu Bar .

Step4. Now choose User Agent Switcher then choose Option.

Step5. The new window will appears in which you have to fill the form. In Description you have to write: Googlebot In user agent box you have to write: “Googlebot/2.1+(+ “after this press ok and your pc trick is complete.

Now you can visit most password protected sites and forums that appear on Google’s search results by using this pc trick based on web trick. For more pc tricks visit continuously.


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