Thursday, April 21, 2011

How To Hide And Lock Text File PC Trick

My confidential information in my computer like passwords, account numbers, and user names are usually saved in a text file, but these files are not protected from the hackers. If you’re using Notepad like me to store all this highly sensitive information, you’re taking a big risk.
If you want to make your sensitive information password protected, you have to apply the following pc trick. For this PC trick you have to do the following steps :

1).Download the program called Lock Note to replace Notepad when you want to create secure and locked text files. Using Lock Note, you can protect your files with double security: AES 265-bit encryption and password protection.

2).When the installation is complete type your protected information into the text area.

3).Then go to the FILE option and choose SAVE AS. Pick the location where you want to save this document and then type in a password to protect your file.

After applying this PC trick you will notice that the file saved with an .EXE end extension. Which mean an application file. If someone try to open this file, It will ask for password.

When double click on the file ,you will be prompted for the password as shown below in the screen shot :

Use this new PC trick to make your file more protected from the hackers.


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