Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PC Trick On Hiding Your Disk Drive

Now with this PC trick you are able to hide your Disk Drive from your PC.I have a simple PC trick based on command prompt .This new PC trick works on all versions of windows for example: windows 98, xp, vista and windows 7.
For this PC trick you have to follow these simple steps to hide disk drive :
1. Click on Start Button in taskbar and then goto Run.
2. After this you have to type cmd in the RUN.
3. Now you have to type Diskpart in command prompt and press Enter key.
4. Now type List volume with this your all partition of the drive gets open.

5. Now you have to select a volume that you want to hide. Example Type select volume 3 and your volume 3 will be selected.

6. Type Remove letter F (you should type your volume name instead of F).
After performing all these step of this pc trick the drive will now get hidden. If not works then restart your PC.
PC Trick on How To Unhide The Hidden drive Using Command prompt
1. To Unhide the Drive follows the steps 1-5 as mentioned above.
2. Now Type assign letter F (You should type your volume name instead of F)
This PC trick now unhides the drive and makes it visible.


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